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Infinity - "A Whole New Level"

In My Words

The new CARRIER Infinity system takes HVAC to another level in control and comfort. Conventional thermostats, however glorified with digital readouts, programs or timers to guess when your filter is dirty, are still just temperature actuated switches. The Infinity control is a User Interface that communicates with matching variable speed fan coil or furnace and matching outdoor unit. This communication allows the system to provide close control and monitoring of its operation. It actually measures the air flow through the system and can modulate the fan speed to meet the factory design requirements of the system. This allows you to get the performance and efficiency the system is capable of. Understand, it is one thing to buy a super efficient unit. It's quite another to actually get the operation and efficiency it is designed to provide. Systems are designed to operate at specific air flows to give peak performance. Too much or too little air flow can adversely affect its operation and thereby your comfort and utility bill. The Infinity can adjust itself to help compensate for larger or smaller duct, closed or adjusted registers, dirty filters etc. It can actually sense a clogged filter, blocked duct, or failed zone damper, and alert you to this and a list of several other possible faults with the system.

The Infinity system includes Comfort Heat which provides 10-19 degree warmer air through the system in the heating mode and reduces cold blowfrom the defrost cycle. An even greater benefit to me is Ideal Humidity which allows the system to do up to 30 times more dehumidification than a standard system. Beware of other systems that provide extra dehumidification by just slowing the fan a percentage but cannot monitor the air flow to be sure it doesn't fall below critical levels. Lower humidity levels make you more comfortable even at higher temperatures often allowing you save money with a higher setting. The lower humidity levels also help control the growth of molds and allergens in your house. The Infinity with its air flow control is the perfect match for zoning. I have the Infinity zoning system in my house which conditions two floors with one system. This does much better than two separate systems before. I installed two new Infinity systems in a customer's house a few years ago. He liked them so well he has since installed Infinity in three other properties. The Infinity is new but has been out long enough to be tried and proven. There is a long list of benefits, too many to list here. Let it suffice to say that as a contractor since 1975, I think this is the greatest thing since sliced bread.