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The technicians and staff at Smith Electric HVAC, Inc. are a dedicated group of individuals, working together as a team to ensure quality work and customer satisfaction. 

Zeke and Debbie Smith

Zeke and Debbie Smith


We met, courted and married in church. Our union was founded and is built upon the principles and doctrines inherited from the examples of our Christian parents and biblical teachings of our church. Since our marriage in 1974 we have been fellow Christians, partners and best friends. We work together daily in the business, relax together when time permits, and look forward to more time together to tour God’s natural creation. That’s California in the picture.

Zeke Smith

Zeke Smith

Co-Owner - Sales - Intallation - Service - Paw

My father was an electrician and I grew up pulling wire and wiring houses. When I got married in 74 I began electrical contracting on my own and soon added HVAC contracting. We now primarily do HVAC with electrical as necessary for the HVAC jobs.

KY State HVAC #M00753

KY State HVAC #J03554

KY State Electrical Contractor #CE12408

KY State Electrical Master #ME12409

North American Technical Excellence NATE #1034989 heat pump specialty EPA Refrigerant Certified

Debbie Smith

Debbie Smith

Co-Owner - Secretary/Treasurer - Finance Specialist - Miracle Worker - Nannie

Deb left factory work with the birth of our first born in 1978 and joined the business in 1979. She handles phone calls, scheduling, billing, payroll, financing and overall organization. If you need something done, talk to her. She does all this with sometimes as many as 3 grandkids in the background. Like I said, miracle worker.